Dynamicweb enters North America

Dynamicweb now takes a leap and enter the American market with its All-in-One Online Business Platform for webshops, websites and online marketing. The American market constitutes approximately half of the total market and therefore represents a huge potential for the Danish software company.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 06.11.2012, 09:30
Dynamicweb enters North America

Opportunity knocked through Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management is an annual report where Gartner analyses the market for Web Content Management and assesses the 20 leading vendors in the world. Dynamicweb was represented for the first time in 2010 and again in 2011 and 2012. After the report was issued in 2010, Dynamicweb was contacted by some people from the USA who wanted to bring Dynamicweb to North America and establish a distribution there.

“Approximately 2 years ago, we were contacted by Americans who wanted to check out the possibility of distributing Dynamicweb in the North American market. Initially, we thought that they wanted to offer us consultancy services, but during the conversations it became clear that they intended to sell Dynamicweb solutions and invest in a joint venture in the American market. After negotiating for a while, in 2011 we came to an agreement about starting up Dynamicweb North America. And now we are ready to launch,“ says Dynamicweb CEO, Christian Beer.

North American market represents half of the total market

According to leading industry analysts, the North America market constitutes approximately half of the world’s market within Dynamicweb’s line of business. Therefore, it is crucial to be present if you want to be among the leading companies in the industry.

“Our presence in the North American marketplace opens up a lot of opportunities for us. The market is approximately 300 times larger than the Danish market, and provides a totally different set of opportunities, for example to develop vertical solutions. On the other hand, this market requires an entirely different focus on segmentation than we are used to from Denmark. This is a really exiting challenge,” says CEO, Christian Beer.

Time, money and thorough preparation

According to Christian Beer, setablishing a distribution in North America requires thorough preparation and a constant presence in the market place. Besides, Dynamicweb has performed some adaptations of the software to make it compatible with the American companies’ set-ups.

“Both adapting the software and understanding the market takes time. As I see it, our entry into the North American market could not have followed the same pace and the same level of ambition if we were to carry all investments and have our own employees on location. Because we had an arrangement with the Americans, we have been able to do things right and we’ve had the funding in place for finding the best possible team. The team is located in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles,” says Christian Beer.

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