Dynamicweb Announces 2020 Most Valuable Professionals

The annual Most Valuable Professional program recognizes the top 21 individuals providing the backbone of the Dynamicweb community by inspiration, mentoring and support
Written by Rebekka Rich Topholm on 20.10.2020, 10:00
Dynamicweb Announces 2020 Most Valuable Professionals

Dynamicweb, a leading Ecommerce, PIM and Digital Experience management software provider in the mid-size and enterprise industry, honors today the 21 Most Valuable Professionals that have shown their support to the community with participation, inspiration and offering early feedback to products in development.  

With the MVP program we acknowledge notable contributors in the Dynamicweb community, a community that is rapidly expanding with more customers and certified developers from all over the world.   

Dynamicweb MVPs are selected based on an extensive evaluation process that considers their deep understanding of the Dynamicweb platform and product solutions. And their commitment to contribute to the community via forum participation and sharing their knowledge with the world through all sorts of channels and content formats.  

“It is great to see the community develop and the achieved accomplishments for our joined customers among the Dynamicweb MVPs, welcoming back MVP veterans and newcomers. Dynamicweb MVPs help drive the community and success of our customers and our product teams in delivering better solutions every day!” said Christian Beer, CEO of Dynamicweb.  

“Each year it’s a pleasure to check within the community of whom should be nominated for the Dynamicweb MVP awards. Going through the individual contributions to either the product or solutions developed to our fast-growing customer base is a pleasure that sparks even more ideas for future developments.” Shared enthusiast Nicolai Pedersen, CTO of Dynamicweb. “These individuals are great sources of knowledge to our organization and a core part of the Dynamicweb community.” 

The complete list of Dynamicweb Technology MVPs 2020: 

  • Advania, Arnór Geir Halldórsson
  • AKQA, Lars Larsen
  • Bluedesk, Ben Doorn
  • Bluedesk, Jesse Bakker
  • Co3, Allan Iversen
  • De Vier Koeden, Imar Spaanjaars
  • Dignet Software, Ivan Marijanovic
  • Innovadis, Hans Kloppenborg
  • Innovadis, Peter Leleulya
  • Mennt As, Martin Grønbekk Moen
  • Nextech, Barry Geukdjian
  • Norriq, Kim Sørensen
  • Picopublish, Kim Søjborg
  • Picopublish, Kurt Moskjær Andersen
  • Smartpage, Mark Preisler
  • Smartpage, Mikkel Ulstrup
  • Smartpage, Vincent Gercke Redersen
  • Smartpage, Anders Ebdrup
  • Smartpage, Helene Kjærbøl
  • Softgear, Aki Ruuskanen
  • Vestjysk Marketing, Jan Sangill

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