And the #DWTC15 award goes to...

The #DWTC15 Award Show has ended and the winners have been announced. The official award show contained four different partner categories followed by six developer prices – handed out to valued developers from the Dynamicweb community.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 26.02.2015, 09:30
And the #DWTC15 award goes to...

Danish Dynamicweb Partner of the Year 2014: Co3

Co3 are capable of implementing a wide pallet of Dynamicweb functionality in both small and large-scale projects. Combined with a fierce business understanding and a continuous and close cooperation with Dynamicweb provides the customers with highly profitable and up-to-date sales tools with high conversions. This makes Co3 the Danish Dynamicweb Partner of the Year 2014. 

Dynamicweb Solution of the Year 2014 –
Corporate Website: 

Combine has managed to develop an ambitious Dynamicweb solution where the interaction between technology, communication and design expands and optimizes the customer’s digital business. is characterized by a strong focus on user experience and persuasive design combined effective user-flows and call-to-actions, which guides the user intuitively through the site. The result is a comprehensive and impressive corporate website that manages to increase conversions. 

Dynamicweb Solution of the Year 2014 –
Ecommerce Website: Novicell, 

Novicell has incorporated 38 webshops in a single B2C ecommerce solution with NAV integration, which fully exploits the benefits and functionality of the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform. The cost-reducing and flexible setup has generated a profitable and streamlined solution that eliminates channel conflict by allowing individual shop initiatives and assortments. 

International Dynamicweb Partner of the Year 2014: Bluedesk

Bluedesk contributes with a proactive and dedicated business approach. Combining that with the ability to generate high-value solutions to the customers while continuously raising the standards makes Bluedesk a top Premium Solution Partner. The total effort has led to an impressive 190% sales increase during 2014.  

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Valued community member & Valued developer 2014 – Morten Bengtson, Bleau

“Showing great knowledge using Dynamicweb APIs and participating actively in the community”

Valued implementer 2014 – Jacob Storgaard Jensen, Design Fordi

“Implementing great looking websites using lots of items and being active on the forums”

Valued implementer 2014 – Nuno Aguiar​, Dynamicweb

“Implementing large websites using items and knowing all corners of Dynamicweb”

Valued implementer 2014 – Martin Kure, Søgaard & Co.

“Best newcomer in the community and being active in the forums”

Valued developer 2014 – Anders Ebdrup, Smartpage

“Solving any challenge on Dynamicweb solutions and making them perform”

Valued developer 2014 – Søren Heide Larsen, Norriq

“Showing high technical skills and creating complex solutions using Dynamicweb”