A new partnership to revolutionise the UK market

K3 Business Technologies partners up with Dynamicweb with the intention of providing customers with the best measures for a fully integrated business management and ecommerce solution.
Written by Dynamicweb on 06.06.2019, 14:00
A new partnership to revolutionise the UK market

K3 are recognised as one of the leading implementers of business management systems integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP family with more than 3000 customers in the UK. For more than 25 years they have implemented ERP and CRM systems for the fashion, distributing, manufacturing and food industries. For the fashion industry, K3 has designed their business management system, Pebblestone Fashion embedded for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV.  

K3 want to expand their services from management systems to include ecommerce with a focus on both B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions. Dynamicweb’s All-in-One Platform compliments perfectly with that need. 

Manage your digital world using just one platform
Both K3 and Dynamicweb share the common philosophy of delivering a standard turnkey integration to the Microsoft Dynamics 365  family: By joining forces, K3 and Dynamicweb will introduce a new ecommerce solution for their customers build on the Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform – the only platform in the market combining CMS, Ecommerce, PIM and Digital Marketing.

The combined solution will empower customers with a myriad of key tools and features to optimize digital businesses across markets and industries and will ensure competitive advantages and revenues.
Complete the unified omnichannel for your B2B and B2C business

Together with Dynamicweb’s history of delivering B2B and B2C ecommerce solutions, K3’s customers can now gain access to new features such as a CMS platform and toolsets that enables site owners to have full control of their implementation. It saves valuable time in the developing process and provides a seamless experience across all channels. Tight integration is a win-win solution. 

“We are pleased to have selected Dynamicweb, their platform meets our customers’ demands for a fully integrated omnichannel solution. Our customers demand quality, flexibility and seamless integration, all of which Dynamicweb provides. We are very much looking forward to growing our partnership with Dynamicweb and delivering high quality, fully integrated solutions that not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.” Amey Richardson, Technology Practice Manager at K3 Business Technologies.

By joining forces, K3 and Dynamicweb will deliver fully integrated solutions to further develop and grow customers’ digital businesses. For Dynamicweb, the new and strong partnership will enable a foothold in the UK market. 

”We are excited about our future with K3 Business Technologies and we look forward to ensuring competitive advantages for our customers. Our target customers are alike and therefore we compose a strong partnership with complementary products to optimize our customers’ digital businesses.” Thomas Møller Jensen, International Sales Manager at Dynamicweb Software A/S.

Who are K3 Business Technologies?
K3 Business Technologies have 25 years experience in delivering integrated business management systems encompassing, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), complimentary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. 

Whatever your business – Make, Move or Sell – K3 can support you.  From our own software or through our partnerships with Microsoft, LS Retail, and 3rd parties.  We apply our experience to help our customers make the right technology choices on the journey to their business future.  By understanding your challenges, we leverage the strength of our people, our solutions and our partners to help drive the outcomes you need to enable your success

About Dynamicweb
Dynamicweb is a Danish Software as a Service (SaaS) company founded in 1999 offering a unique All-In-One solution being the only platform combining CMS, PIM, Ecommerce and Marketing with turnkey integration for the entire Microsoft Dynamics ERP family. Our platform optimizes your digital business and revenue. 

Dynamicweb is currently represented in 13 countries, serving more than 4,000 customers and 12,000 websites worldwide in close corporation with +200 certified partners.