WTF: What's the Future of Digital Transformation - Social eCommerce

Get the insights and predictions for social eCommerce

This is the Dynamicweb Livestream of WTF: What is the future of Digital Transformation. 

In this series of Livestreams, we will introduce how you can approach digital transformation. 

This Livestream covers social eCommerce.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing Darren Guarnaccia, Senior Vice President of Product at Hootsuite. Darren is one of the most knowledgeable expert within all things related to social eCommerce. In this conversation, we ask him to share his insights on the topic and reveal which trends he foresees in the future: 

  • Why and how can B2B companies work with social media?
  • How do you ensure effective results of your social media strategy?
  • What to be aware of when choosing a new platform?


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