Work with Dynamicweb in a new visual way

Let your creativity sprout using the new drag&drop editor view to create and maintain your website content.

We’ve launched a new content tool, the Visual Editor, that makes it faster, easier and more fun for you to create and maintain your website content. The Visual Editor enables you to work with Dynamicweb in a new intuitive and visual way.

The Visual Editor empowers you to create content visually by having the page as the workplace and then dragging different building blocks onto it. That way you can see the changes immediately and what the finished page would look like in frontend. 

Experience the new benefits

  • A fast, fun and intuitive way to create content and change the order using drag&drop
  • Easy content creation using predefined templates
  • Better user experience letting you work on the website itself - no more editing and saving backend to see the changes frontend. 

Watch this short webinar, where our Product Specialist, Nicolai Gosvig, introduces you to the new tool in Dynamicweb.