The product journey from ERP through PIM, ecommerce and POS

Unified ecommerce ♻️

True OMNI-channel eCommerce experiences require more than a shopping cart and a retail POS – they require tight integration between systems. LS NAV and Dynamicweb empower retailers with true OMNI-channel eCommerce solutions capable of uniting offline operations and ecommerce.

More than ecommerce. More than a POS.

Follow the product as it journeys from Dynamics NAV through Dynamicweb PIM to external market places and channels - all the way through to becoming a click-and-collect order in the POS.

Brede Bjerke, VP Sales, will guide you through this hands-on 30-minute webinar presentation. 

True OMNI-channel ecommerce 

Dynamicweb’s comprehensive ecommerce and marketing platform is integrated to the LS NAV business logic enabling real-time communication between LS NAV and Dynamicweb - a solid foundation for delivering a true OMNI-channel ecommerce setup. 

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