Rapido: 3 Features and 1 Checklist

Learn hands-on how to set up 3 Rapido features to optimize your website or -shop, and get the ultimate Rapido checklist to successful projects.

Jennifer Johansen, Product Manager, shares her useful and hands-on tips and tricks in Rapido as she walks you through the four topics: 

✔️ Product Newsletter
✔️ Mini Cart
✔️ Mobile layout and navigation  
✔️ The complete checklist for successful Rapido projects 

What is Dynamicweb Rapido?
Dynamicweb Rapido is a framework which is designed as a platform for rapid implementation and prototyping.

It comes with a set of configuration options and designs which increase implementation efficiency and quality - less coding, more configuration. It also features a best-practice Ecommerce implementation and standard integration to Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP systems.