Rapido 3.4 Release webinar

Rapido version 3.4 was released on June 30, 2020. Watch this webinar for a full presentation and demo of all the latest features and improvements.

In this recording, Rapido Product Manager, Jennifer Johansen, guides you through the newest features and improvements in Rapido 3.4.  

Release Headlines

  • Dynamic article paragraphs
    • Dynamic article paragraph content model for Visual editor will be supported to showcase a set of articles on another page. E.g. the landing page or about page
  • Notification overlays
    • Notification/overlays content model for Visual editor will be supported to create attention to specific content or event
  • Order draft  - discounts
    • Improving the workflow and design for the order draft. Where the sales representatives can create lists of products to their customers and create some custom discounts.
  • Order draft - variant matrix
    • The sales representative can work with a list of products in a draft for their customers. The extended variants are presented in a matrix/table, which allows the user to add product quantity in a fast manner. 
  • Improve the design for sign-in, create an account, forgot password, and impersonation list.

What is Dynamicweb Rapido?
Dynamicweb Rapido is a framework which is designed as a platform for rapid implementation and prototyping.

It comes with a set of configuration options and designs that increase implementation efficiency and quality - less coding, more configuration. It also features a best-practice Ecommerce implementation and standard integration to Dynamics ERP.