Rapido 3.2 Release webinar

Get an overview of all the newest features and improvements in Rapido 3.2

Rapido version 3.2 was released September 28th. In this Rapido 3.2 release webinar you'll get a full presentation and demo of all the latest features and improvements.

Release notes headlines: 
📌 Improved ecommerce layout
📌 Improved rendering of product families
📌 News to customer center & Impersonation
📌 Export of products into printable catalogs
📌 Reusable Blocks & Components for developers


What is Dynamicweb Rapido?
Dynamicweb Rapido is a framework which is designed as a platform for rapid implementation and prototyping.

It comes with a set of configuration options and designs which increase implementation efficiency and quality - less coding, more configuration. It also features a best-practice Ecommerce implemenation and standard integration to Dynamics NAV.