Visual Content Editor

Get an update on the development of the new visual content builder

Watch this technical hands-on webinar and learn how to develop templates for the grid model used for the visual content builder. Our CTO, Nicolai Høeg Pedersen, introduces you to the new Visual Editor and the new Content Builder.

The Visual Editor is a tool in Dynamicweb empowering the user to create content in a visual way by having the page as the workplace and then dragging different building blocks onto it. That way the user can see the changes immediately and what the finished page would look like in frontend. With Visual Editor, a page is divided into rows and columns. For each row, you add content in the form of columns.

With the new Content Builder, the user is equipped with existing templates and presets. The presets are a quick way of adding content to your page, where you can e.g. drag an entire row that is already enriched with demo content onto the content editor area. The content can then be changed afterward.

Highlights of the new tool

  • Create content using drag and drop
  • Define rows and columns using items
  • Save row and column presets for easy creation of content
  • Change the order of rows and columns in the visual view
  • Fast and intuitive way to build content
  • Better user experience