Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation Model

Watch this technical webinar to learn about the newest Ecommerce tools in Dynamiweb 9.8.

This is a technical webinar about at the new Navigation view models for Ecommerce, the new URLs for Ecommerce, the new catalog with product list, product detail and and variant view models. Learn the tools and the performance gain.


  • Navigation view model
    With Dynamicweb 9.8 we have introduced an updated version of the navigation view model that can be used to generate ecommerce navigation. Move from XML to Razor and get new options like intellisense and a more granular set of configuration options.
  • SEO and Ecommerce URLs
    Combined with the new navigation model we will also take a look at the new way of generating URLs for ecommerce. We have had a lot of requests over the years to create better, shorter and more precise urls for the product catalog for SEO purposes. Learn how to set up the new URLs and gain from the benefits for better SEO and experience for users.
  • Product catalog app & viewmodels
    Last topic will be the product catalog app using viewmodels – the replacement of the former product catalog. Moving from old tagbased templates to a viewmodel based template makes the development much faster and easy. Also the new rendering model offers much better performance that can increase conversions and throughput on ecommerce sites.