Ecommerce Search Optimization

Discover new tools such as synonyms, spelling checker, and plural searches.

A crucial factor to deliver a good user experience is to optimize the site search function and thus increasing sales on a webshop. Dynamicweb delivers tools to optimize site search to support customers on their buyer's journey.

Watch this technical hands-on webinar to learn about Ecommerce Site Search tools in Dynamicweb. Nicolai Høeg Pedersen, CTO, gives you an introduction and shows you how to set up and utilize the tools in practice - for instance, the ‘did-you-mean' spelling checker function:

“Did you mean?” – a spell checker in text searches to:

  • Improve customer experience when searching
  • Increase conversions ensuring valid search terms
  • Only suggests terms that are searchable in the index
  • Find the closest match using AI
  • Handles multiple terms