Why B2B eCommerce for Wine & Spirits Distributors is the New Competitive Edge

As a wine and spirits distributor, have you considered how offering a digital purchasing option, like an eCommerce storefront, might benefit both your customers and your business? The massive familiarity and adoption of eCommerce has shifted customer buying preferences, and reaching out to sales reps by email and phone just doesn't fit today's workflows. See how wine and spirits businesses are growing customer relationships and sales revenue with new online sales channels.
Written by Dynamicweb and Western Computer on 01.07.2021, 09:50
Why B2B eCommerce for Wine & Spirits Distributors is the New Competitive Edge

In a recent RaboResearch article about the growth trajectory of US wine sales, and how the industry must adapt to stay competitive, it was great to see eCommerce at the heart of the conversation. From wineries to wine distributors, eCommerce is a strategic move that is helping both B2C and B2B companies expand market opportunities. 

Staying competitive with eCommerce for wine & spirits distribution

Dynamicweb has partnered with 365WineTrade by Western Computer, a Microsoft Dynamics 365-based ERP solution optimized just for wine and spirits distributors. Our seamlessly integrated eCommerce and ERP solution enables end-to-end automation between your front-end website and back-end systems, with industry-optimized features like compliance reporting, tax calculations, multi-warehouse management, logistics and container management, and more. As part of the Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite, distributors also benefit from built-in Product Information Management (PIM), CMS and Digital Marketing. It’s a powerful combination that is truly transforming wine distribution today.

There are many exciting ways B2B wine distributors can leverage eCommerce, but here is a quick list of the some of the most in-demand features:

  • Drag-and-drop builder for your website and/or online store
  • Reliable, frictionless online purchasing for both B2B and B2C
  • Self-service customer experience center 
  • Intelligent product recommendations for customers 
  • Connected data and focused analytics 
  • Full email automation platform 
  • Targeted digital marketing and promotions
  • Powerful Product Information Management (PIM) capabilities

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Building an Omnichannel eCommerce Strategy

How eCommerce improves customer experiences, engagement and loyalty

Investing in your customer is more important than ever, and that’s where Dynamicweb eCommerce helps wine distributors of all sizes shine.   

Provide customers fast, easy, online tools

With integrated eCommerce, you can provide every customer with the tools they want and need to explore your inventory, build multiple carts, get recommendations for products or pairings, ask questions, and much more—at any time, from any device or location. You can also enable sales reps to place orders on behalf of customers on your site to review carts and create or process orders on the fly. 

Keep customers engaged and happy

The battle of every business in our fast-paced world is keeping customers engaged and your company top of mind. With Dynamicweb’s built-in digital marketing, you can leverage your existing data and images to create elegant brochures quickly and our fully automated email platform to send targeted, personalized and consistent communications. 

Identify and Understand Your Customer on a Deeper Level

With the Dynamicweb and 365WineTrade integration, you will have a whole new world of insight and analytics at your fingertips. Track trends, preferences and performance across your business to truly understand what your customers want and how you can serve them better than your competition. 

Learn more about Dynamicweb eCommerce with 365WineTrade 

To explore more features and benefits of Dynamicweb and 365WineTrade for wine distributors, watch our on-demand webinar, Future-proofing your wine & spirits distribution with omnichannel. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to schedule a personal demonstration for your team! Contact Dynamicweb today.

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