Dynamicweb Rapido

The fastest way to launch your Ecommerce site. Rapido is an implementation framework to improve time-to-market, reduce risk and development time with Dynamicweb projects.


Rapido is a standard solution that is designed as a platform for rapid implementation and prototyping.

Rapido can be configured to the extreme and ships with a set of website settings allowing you to change layout options with only a few clicks. It has never been easier to be consistent in your visual identity.

Deploying your Rapido solution is the best and most reliable way to get your new Ecommerce site up and running – at the fastest speed.


Rapido comes with a set of configuration options and designs which increase implementation efficiency and quality - less coding, more configuration. It also features a best-practice Ecommerce implemenation and standard integration to Dynamics NAV.

The key advantages to using Rapido include:

• A solid foundation to expand on
• Quick prototyping with your own data
• A standard implementation which is part of our regular QA test flow
• A full component library for creating your own content
• Built in best-practice principles from leading UX experts
• Spend less on tech – more on marketing


As a standard solution built for versatility and configurability, Dynamicweb Rapido comes with a set of features which can be configured for different scenarios - B2B, B2C, ERP integration, etc.

Rapido consists of many different items and features for both content, Ecommerce and Customer Center.

You can check out each feature here.

Rapido advantages:
✔️ Reduce project risk and time
• More configuration and less coding equals lower project risk
• Faster implementation via the Rapido methodology
• Accelerate your digital business

✔️ Empowering end-users
• Configure the overall website design and layout
• Rapido has a lot of pre-prepared widgets
• Extend with custom code, if needed

✔️ Possible to upgrade​
• Upgrading to minor/patch versions has never been easier
• Use the extensibility framework to do customizations
• Rapido functionalities are continously updated

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