Integrate PunchOut Catalog with your eCommerce store to provide easy eProcurement for your B2B customers.


PunchOut Catalogs simplify the procurement process for B2B suppliers by enabling them to view and order your products from within their own procurement system and automating the order-to-invoice process.

With PunchOut2Go, you can easily integrate your eCommerce store with PunchOut, enabling you to maintain a single storefront solution that meets the needs of all your customers - whether they order through eProcurement or your standard eCommerce storefront.


By offering PunchOut2Go and integrating with your eCommerce store, you open up an omnichannel storefront that enables all types of customers to purchase from you exactly how they prefer. All buyers have preferred suppliers, and by having the ability to respond to their eProcurement initiatives, you gain a significant advantage over your competitors. For buying entities, one of the largest obstacles is getting vendors to integrate with their eProcurement system. PunchOut2Go makes it simple.


Key Features

✔️ PunchOut Integration - Integrate PunchOut to your existing eCommerce build.

✔️ Seller and Buyer Solutions - Simplify both sides of the eProcurement equation.

✔️ B2B Automation - Exchange purchase orders, invoices, and documents electronically.

✔️ eProcurement - Automate sales orders between buyer eProcurement and seller eCommerce platforms.

✔️ eQuotes - Empower B2B sellers with seamless eQuote integration.

To learn more, please visit the PunchOut2Go website.

eProcurement Integration
eProcurement Integration
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