Printable Papers

Get ready to setup multiple catalogs and brochures in no time!


There are many different scenarios where a catalog, brochure and other printable materials can come in handy. Dynamicweb Rapido has incorporated a feature, that eases the process of creating one.


This feature, Printable Papers, could be used to inform potential customers, and/or be sent out on email as a follow up, to keep them informed regarding the new products that have arrived. A possible scenario could be that you have some potential partners visiting, and you want to showcase your new collection, in a presentable manner.


Printable papers consist of four paragraph types, where each of them has their own function. Working with the different components together will enable you to create powerful brochures in no time. The different paragraph types are:

✔️ Cover sheet
The purpose of the cover sheet paragraph type is to create good looking frontpages/covers quickly, without having to configure a lot of settings.

✔️Page sheet
The purpose of the page sheet paragraph type is to create informative pages to support your brochure in a quick way. Let’s say you have a new collection coming out, and you have a background story that adds value to your products. This is where the page sheet becomes useful.

✔️ Product data sheet
The purpose of the product sheet data paragraph type is to quickly present your chosen products, in a presentable way. All the relevant product information will be rendered along with the product image. This feature can be useful in scenarios where you want to showcase some of your products, in a detailed way.

✔️ Product list sheet
The product list sheet can be used to render multiple different products in a list view, where only the vital product information is displayed, unlike the product data sheet. There are many scenarios where this paragraph type could be useful. Let’s say you have a customer that wants to view multiple products from your solution, without detailed product information, this is where the product list sheet proves its worth.

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