Dynamics AX 2012

With an integrated ecommerce, you can back the data on your website and support B2B and B2C omnichannel with personalized experiences.


Integration Framework v2 is a collection of components for transferring data and maintaining data consistency between a Dynamicweb solution and Dynamics AX 2012.


The framework supports two types of integrations:

• A Batch Integration uses scheduled tasks to import and export data at intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.).

• A Live Integration submits real-time requests for data from Dynamicweb to Dynamics AX 2012, and uses that data to show e.g. customer-specific prices, stock levels, or to create orders directly in your ERP-system.


In terms of the data flow, both batch and live integrations work in the same general manner

✔️ The Dynamicweb solution makes a request for data in XML format

✔️ The request is relayed to the remote system by the Dynamicweb Connector service

✔️ The plugin/code unit reacts by extracting data from the remote system

✔️ The data is wrapped in an XML format understood by Dynamicweb (or - for passive plugins - returned as is, and transformed using XSLT on the Dynamicweb side)

✔️ The XML is returned via the Dynamicweb Connector service to the Dynamicweb solution as a response

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