Expand your products to 2500 marketplaces with Dynamicweb PIM & Channable


Channable is a service which integrates with more than 2500 price comparison websites, marketplaces and affiliates – e.g. Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, eBay, and many many others. As such, an integration with saves you from a lot of time and effort spent on creating and maintaining complex integrations to various channels.


Dynamicweb integrates with Channable meaning you can get your products on new marketplaces in no time. You’ll simply export your product feeds from your Dynamicweb solution and import it to Channable. You won’t get any headache or need to worry about following all rights and requirements on each marketplace – Dynamicweb and Channable cover it all.

Basically, an integration to Channable means:
• Creating a product feed which transforms data from Dynamicweb PIM into a format understood by Channable
• Creating a project in Channable consuming the feed
• Creating a scheduled task job in Dynamicweb for synchronizing order data between Channable and a Dynamicweb solution


✔️ Product feed manager Gain more awareness for your brand, products and services on more than 2500 channels.

✔️ Online marktetplaces Dynamicweb PIM & Channable enable deep-integration to marketplaces, which automatically your products on various marketplaces

✔️ Ecommerce plugins You can easily connect with apps, plugins or import any type of file incl. XML, CSV and Google Speadsheets

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Product Experience
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