Avalara Address Validation

Calculating sales tax? Ditch the ZIPs and get rooftop-level accuracy with Avalara’s API!


Valid addresses are a critical component of accurate tax calculation. You may be thinking – I have the ZIP code, isn’t that enough? Not really. Why? ZIP codes are generally too broad for tax determination because zones are set at the federal level for mail delivery. State and local tax authorities often use other criteria for bounding their tax jurisdictions, such as a special stadium or restaurant tax district.


AvaTax’s Address Validation API provides rooftop accuracy. This helps you develop a more robust user experience for your customers. In addition, the API helps your organization calculate more accurate taxes, so you can minimize overcharging or undercharging sales tax.

One way AvaTax enables accurate address validation is through the use of the ResolveAddress endpoints for your address resolution and correction needs. Make calls to ResolveAddress early in your order pipeline to help your customer complete their order and limit abandonment. By using AvaTax’s address service, you can have a one-stop shop for your deliverability and tax calculation needs.

Sometimes you get incomplete or mistyped information about an address. AvaTax can often resolve addresses with partial information.


Customers and departments of revenue demand accurate sales tax calculations; they won’t settle for anything less. That’s the minimum barrier to overcome for customer satisfaction, and taxing authorities are making sales tax more complex. Fortunately, with the right sales tax API, you can solve for the critical components that go into accurately calculating sales tax, starting with address validation down to the roof-top level.

That’s where AvaTax comes in. Give the API a test drive for 60 days to see if it is the right solution for your organization. When you sign up for a free API trial, you get access to our full production environment, unlimited API calls (including address validation and deliverability determination), and guidance for your implementation.

For more extensive information about Avalara Address Validation, please visit their website.

Address Validation
Address Validation
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