Calculate your return on investment of a PIM system

How much time does a PIM system save your business?

Use our calculation tool and create your business case for a PIM system. Calculate the annual cost reduction a PIM system means for your business by improving your workflows for product data enrichment.

We've saved you the trouble of starting from scratch and created an excel calculator that takes the most important variables into consideration:

📑Number of SKU's, attributes and field values to handle

📑Number of Language versions

📑SKU maintenance

📑Higher Ecommerce conversions


Start calculating your ROI

Get a head start with creating your business case for a PIM system with our Excel template


Dynamicweb - More than Ecommerce

Our Dynamics ERP-integrated Business Suite simplifies your Ecommerce and digital business with a cloud-based solution, so you no longer need seperate Ecommerce, CMS, Marketing and PIM systems.

With Dynamicweb you get: 

✔️ A cloud based solution with Ecommerce, CMS, Marketing, and PIM

✔️ Rapidly deployed solution with turnkey functionality, yet extendable

✔️ Seamless out-of-the-box integration to the Dynamics ERP family

Download our PIM ROI calculator and start calcuting the cost reductions that a Product Information System provides you.




Less maintenance, better customer experience

"We now have a single solution with two PIM warehouses and three webshops. For me, it's very important that I only have to control all the different companies in one place."

- Daniel Lauridsen, Marketing Project Manager, Lauridsen Import

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