Join the Partner Enablement Program

We are always looking for opportunities to help our partners become more successful.

All Dynamicweb Partners are eligible to join the Partner Enablement Program and get access to technical, sales and implementation support. 

Empowering you for success

Our Partner Enablement Program assists you getting off to a good start with delivering successful Dynamicweb solutions right from the first project. We offer the following services:

Financial Incentives

Financial Incentives​
Commission, Support, Leads

Sales Participation

Sales Participation​
Deep dives, Presales, Spec. templates


Sales, Implementation, Design and PIM

Implementation Partner

Implementation Partner
Integration, Consultancy, Development, Sub-contracting

Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey Solutions
Ecommerce for NAV, LS Retail and Business Central

Why use the Partner Enablement Program?


  • The ability to upsell on the vision of the customer, to deliver a powerful (customizable) platform, which will increase project earnings
  • Get access to marketing and sales support to together develop a go-to-market, resulting in higher kickback & performance bonus rates
  • Partner services that will minimize project risks and increase earnings to deliver every project on-time and within budget

Become a successful partner

  • Start your partnership with an on-boarding seminar
  • Ensure that your sales reps, and project managers know the platform and best practices
  • Get your developers up to standard on the latest changes and possibilities of the platform

Let us help you close deals

  • Use presales consultancy to scope and estimate your projects 
  • Let us participate in deep-dives and sales meetings both online and onsite
  • Get assistance in answering RFPs

Let us implement together

  • Development assistance in either sub-contracting or project participation/consultancy
  • Get project troubleshooting e.g. performance reviews and fixes etc. 
  • Use the project startup assistance workshop to ensure the right achitecture and a successful project

Use the Turnkey approach


Deliver on projects within a matter of days using the off-the-shelf turnkey solutions for Business Central, NAV and LS Retail 

These solutions are available for our partners and includes:

  • Sales material
  • Feature descriptions 
  • Installation guides
  • Complete end-user documentation

How we assist ERP Resellers and Implementers


Your business focuses on ERP reselling and implementation and you are looking to expand your strategic offer to serve your customers e-commerce requirements.

Let us assist you with know-how, training, consultancy or development of the Ecommerce project. 

How we assist Full-service Digital Agencies


Is your business focused on developing and supporting ecommerce and product information management solutions to customers?

Then the Partner Enablement Program is perfect for training and empowering your own developers with the skills needed to develop Dynamicweb solutions and deliver the best customer experience. 


The Extended Partner Program

  • Our program empowers you to increase your earnings through a financial incentive program and capability of delivering an easy implementable all in one solution based on configuration over coding
  • We want to make it easy to sell Dynamicweb by supporting our partners in go-to-market activities and on top of this give our partners insight into customers/prospects engagement with Dynamicweb
  • By making extensive partner services available, we want to work together in minimizing risk and increase earnings by being available from the first sales pitch through delivering a successful project

Financial Incentives

  • License Fee Commission 
  • Yearly Performance Bonus
  • Yearly Business Planning Bonus

Partner On-boarding

Start your partnership with the sales and platform training seminar

  • Get an extensive introduction to the platform
  • Educate your sales team how to make offers and conduct sales meetings using our sales templates for scope questionnaires
  • Instruct developers of the Dynamicweb open integration framework 

Support in Closing Deals

Make use of our sales and scoping support  

  • Participation in deep-dives and sales meetings both online and onsite
  • Get technical support to clarify and scope feature requirement
  • Use our pre-sales consultants when answering RFPs

Tech Training and Certification

Become an expert and discover our best practices

  • Organize training on platform development, integration and PIM
  • Customized training seminars

Implementation Support

We provide project delivery support

  • Sub-contracting or project participation/consultancy
  • Troubleshooting e.g. performance reviews and optimization
  • Project startup assistance to ensure the right architecture and a successfull project.

Claus Pedersen
Director, Presale and Partner Enablement

Dena McKinney-Giordano
Director, Partner Alliances and Channels (USA)


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