Webinar | August 31st | 1.00 PM CET 

This is how Sorensen Leather got a new digital order platform without a big IT-project 

Establishing a B2B webshop with integration to Microsoft Business Central does not have to be a complex IT project, take +6 months or eat up your entire budget.

With the right solution, process, and preparation, you can get a basic webshop in just 5 days and thus quickly get ready to take orders online. At Dynamicweb, we call this concept "Turnkey", and we take you safely from start to finish.

This is how Sorensen Leather got a digital order platform 

Like many other B2B companies, Sorensen Leather struggled with a complex ordering process. They were introduced to Dynamicweb's turnkey concept, which resulted in a digital ordering platform with integration to Business Central, which has created great value for their customers and streamlined internal workflows.

In this webinar, you will meet Peter Søndergaard from Sorensen Leather, who tells why they decided to invest in a B2B webshop with integration to Business Central, and how their new digital order platform has been incorporated in the company, with the salespeople, and with the customers.

He shares his experience with Dynamicweb's turnkey solution as part of the company's digital transformation and how the solution supports future digital growth.

Highlights from the webinar:

  • New insights from the B2B eCommerce landscape
  • Meet Sorensen Leather and learn from their experience with a new B2B webshop
  • Demo: See a turnkey solution with integration to Business Central in action 
  • The process and requirements of the turnkey solution
  • Q&A

The webinar will be held on August 31st, 2021, at 1.00 PM CET.

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Meet the speakers

Christian Beer
Nicolai Gosvig
Product specialist
Peter Søndergaard
Sales Coordinator
Sørensen Leather