Let your customers purchase the right spare parts at anytime

With an eCommerce solution that delivers a spare part portal, manufacturers & distributors can offer visitors the certainty of selecting the right parts based on rich and accurate product data. This provides a good customer experience, reduces returned orders and increases revenue.

Dynamicweb offers a standard integration into your Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and can integrate with that provides you a spare parts portal to easily order the accurate spare part.




Discover the Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite with tools to deliver accurate product data with greater profitability.
If you’re selling spare parts, these features will improve efficiency and create value:

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Self-service portal for accurate orders 
Deliver a spare parts portal to give your customers the ability to order the right spare parts online at anytime from anywhere. Empowering your customers with self-service and customer-specific products and prices is key to building and maintaining long-term relationships.

Digital assistance and support for your sales rep 
Digitize your sales strategy and support your sales reps with an eCommerce solution designs to help optimize and drive online sales through a digital order platform for spare parts. This releases your sales reps for in-person meetings and allows your customer to find and buy the right spare parts with ease. 

Reduce errors and minimize return orders 
Selling spare parts often means running a complex business, but a spare parts portal integrated with your ERP system and a PIM system simplifies your sales process with spare parts. You’ll experience internal efficiency by providing accurate and rich product data that allows for the right order. 


Anette Fagerlind
Marketing Manager at Skanska Rental

“The Dynamicweb solution is used as both a digital product catalog, customer portal and integrates much of the process around Skanska’s rental business. Our B2B eCommerce solution is an extremely important part of our digital venture in an otherwise very conservative industry."

Henrik Dueholm Madsen
CEO, Bramidan

"We needed a solution to support sales in 25 languages and to ease our routines significantly. With Dynamicweb we have created the perfect solution, with integration to our DAM-system, to suit our needs."


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Dynamicweb spare parts portal is designed to address business challenges when managing and selling thousands of spare parts by providing a solution that simplifies the process to deliver rich and accurate product data that allows customers to find and order the right spare part. 

It is built on the standard eCommerce Suite functionalities and adds capabilities designed for selling spare parts. With Dynamicweb's PIM and integration into your ERP system, you're all set to ensure accurate and rich product data that allows your customers to find the right product with the right customer-specific price.

Get ready to increase revenue with online services: 

✔ Drive better margin when selling spare parts via a digital platform to reach maximum profitability

✔ Accelerate digital transformation powered by eCommerce, PIM and ERP 

✔ Deliver a better product, service and customer experience.



Connect your systems, reduce time-consuming tasks and sell more. Having a spare parts portal supports your business process in various ways. 

Bring your spare parts catalog online Picture

Bring your spare parts catalog online

For companies selling spare parts, turning your spare parts product sheet into an online order catalog allows your customers to search for and purchase the right spare part at any time. 

Dynamicweb saves you valuable time automating the processes of creating product sheets, pricing lists, brochures, and product catalogs. You can also let your customers, suppliers or employees create their catalog via your website. 

These self-service approaches save you many hours of managing product information requests and improve your service offerings.

Offer a digital order platform with self-services

Improve your customer services by providing transparency with an easy-to-use digital order platform. Delight your customers with self-service offerings such as personalized pricing, invoices, shipment status, on- and offline order history. 

You can even empower your customers to create order templates to easily add recurring orders straight into their shopping carts.

Offer a digital order platform with self-services Picture
Focus on SEO optimization and use site search tools Picture

Focus on SEO optimization and use site search tools  

Did you know that 30%+ of all visitors use the site search on eCommerce sites? And that these visitors typically convert 1.8x more than those visitors using alternative forms of navigation?

Obviously, a key factor to delivering a good user experience is to optimize the site search function and thus increase your online sale. Additionally, you will (also) optimize your site to improve your search engine ranking. A better search engine ranking will help your business grow and obtain new leads.

Dynamicweb delivers tools such as synonyms, spelling checker, and plural searches to optimize site search to support customers finding the right products.  

Receive the right orders - always 

Providing the right information at the right time directly influences the right purchase. This results in receiving accurate orders and minimizing returned orders. 

With Dynamicweb, you work with your product data in the PIM system to easily enrich, validate and publish your product data. This eliminates human errors and reduces time-consuming work processes, which benefits your business with efficiency and more sales.

Receive the right orders - always Picture
Ensure accurate product data at the right time Picture

Ensure accurate product data at the right time

If you’re running a business with e.g. season-based items, products, or services, your timing for distributing your branded materials is everything. 

The Dynamicweb spare parts portal, when fully integrated with your ERP and our PIM system, allows you to take control of your product data. Be on time with accurate and rich product information, when a new seasonal collection is ready to be launched. With Dynamicweb PIM, you manage when and who has permission to what information at any time.

Scalability – build to grow with your business

Dynamicweb cloud-based solutions can dramatically decrease spare part selling organization’s costs and complexity. Because Dynamicweb is a cloud-based solution, you don’t have to worry about the cost of hosting and maintaining servers on-site.  

The Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite is built for scalability. The ERP integrated solution synchronizes key data across your Dynamicweb solution and your ERP, such as inventory, prices, sales taxes, multi-subsidiary customers and locations, as well as master products. All transactions in Dynamicweb correspond to a financial transaction in your ERP.  

Moreover, Dynamicweb can integrate to a long list of add-ons, including integrations with PIM, ERPs and other relevant platforms.

Scalability – build to grow with your business Picture

Know your customers' digital buyer behavior

Why you need more than a shopping cart 

As B2B buyers shop through digital distributors like Amazon, they expect digital services when doing business with you. Having an eCommerce site with a “Buy Now” button and a shopping cart is not enough to satisfy any customer accustomed to extensive self-service, and personalized experience when they shop online. 

We guide you, step-by-step, on how to deliver more than a shopping cart.

​Ready to explore Dynamicweb a bit deeper? 

Let's talk! 

If you are left with unanswered questions or are curious to get into a  deeper conversation, we would love to hear from you.

Dynamicweb's reliable platform empowers you to provide a better experience that also lets you cut down on inefficient administrative tasks. You'll get benefits such as:

  • Accurate & rich product data
    Show real-time product data from your ERP – no matter the number of spare parts you sell.
  • Stabile scalability
    All components to improve internal workflows to easily and rapidly scale your business.
  • Customer empowerment
    Offer customer portals with self-service options that show specific prices, invoice management and delivery tracking among others.

Contact us today to learn how your business can get a spare parts portal to deliver better customer self-services with accurate product data to increase the online sale of spare parts. 


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