ERP integrated eCommerce for retailers

Integrated Unified Commerce for Retailers 

Retail is changing quickly, and retailers need powerful, flexible, and scalable systems to keep up with rapidly changing market situations. Leverage the perfect mix of commerce, personalization and content capabilities to present your products in the best way possible. 

Dynamicweb integrates with your existing systems, offering flexible, seamless solutions that connect into key applications like LS Retail, ERP, PIM and CRM to scale eCommerce success with advanced retail features such as loyalty programs, mobile checkouts and personalized real-time offers, as well as powerful product management systems.

Dynamicweb empowers you to scale your eCommerce success.  


Discover the flexible Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite that combines a user-friendly design with features that keep up with ever changing market and customer demands. We identified the top features in retail: 

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Integrated Unified Commerce
True unified commerce creates a frictionless commerce experience uniting eCommerce and offline operations. In close collaboration with LS Retail, Dynamicweb enables retailers to deliver a commerce experience that exceeds customers' expectations. 

Personalize the shopper journey 
Use explicit and implicit available customer data to deliver personalized experiences, e.g. product recommendations, for new and returning visitors. Deliver 1:1 messaging in the right channel at the right time to turn your visitors into paying customers.

Click & Collect
Click and Collect is an essential part of any omnichannel retailing strategy. Each step of order and fulfillment is an opportunity to delight your customer. Dynamicweb makes it easy for your customers to buy an item online and collect it in-store. 

Repeat customers 
Make the most of each visit with a personalized product and purchase experience. For instance, a loyalty program or club membership does not only attract new customers, but it also stimulates customers to repeat purchases.


Retailers Success Stories 

Lone Torsbjerg Møller
Marketing Coordinator, Scanpan

"In less than three months, we had an international eCommerce solution that meets all of our expectations. Technology, design and online marketing all comes together perfectly, and we look forward to expanding our new solution to even more countries.” 

Julie Faurholt Hagel
eCommerce Manager, HD2412 

"Dynamicweb makes it easier for us to scale the business, because we can use the integrations that we already have to our ERP system and the design is already there. Today, our customers can order online and see all their discounts and previous orders, which has released time to develop new products to be better suited for the future.” ​

Anton Danielsen
eCommerce Manager, Illums Bolighus 

"We now have an extraordinarily fast eCommerce! Our work to maintain master data has become so much easier. Instead of correcting things in multiple systems, we now just fix things in one place, and then they are changed in five different places." 



Dynamicweb was listed in Forrester's report "Now Tech: Product Information Management, Q1 2020 - Forrester’s Overview Of 22 PIM Providers." 


Dynamicweb was awarded 1st place as the best eCommerce platform at the eCommerce Germany Awards, eCommerce Expo Berlin! 

Michael N on Oct 21, 2020

"Dynamicweb is a solid suite of tools that enables a business to succeed online.
The solution provides quality functionality for building Ecommerce, PIM and CMS out-of-the-box" 


Improve the shopping experience and increase your sales with industry-specific and sales-driven features. 

At Dynamicweb, we, in close collaboration with our +300 partners, enable retailers to deliver better digital customer experiences and to scale eCommerce success through our cloud-based eCommerce suite with industry-specific features such as: 

Personalization Picture

Deliver personalized experiences

You are empowered to deliver the best personalized product & customer experiences. For instance, you can utilize the built-in gift cards, retail promotions and customer loyalty solutions.

Having all your CRM and ERP data combined in one platform enables you to automate and target your messages, content and deals to every unique visitor and/or customer of yours. 

Watch a short video on Dynamicweb Content Personalization →

Manage multiple stores with ease 

Meet your customers where they are and manage all your webshops from a single place with multi-site management. LS Retail Nav / Central and Dynamicweb supports your international retail expansion with local languages, currencies, payment providers, VAT/Sales Tax and shipping methods.

Accept all the ways your customers want to pay, in-store, online and on-the-fly. Dynamicweb integrated with leading payment providers for a frictionless checkout experience. 



Multiple stores Picture
ERP Picture

Unleash the power of your ERP  

The Dynamicweb eCommerce is built for the retail industry and is highly scalable.

The ERP integrated solution synchronizes key retail data across your Dynamicweb solution and your ERP, such as inventory, retail prices, sales taxes, multi-subsidiary customers and locations, as well as master products.

All transactions in Dynamicweb correspond to a financial transaction in your ERP.


Scale your retail operations

Dynamicweb can integrate to a long list of add-ons, including integrations with PIM, ERPs and other relevant platforms. Your solution can easily scale to support thousands of products and millions of visitors. It grows with your business. Dynamicweb offers fast, secure and scalable solutions.

Our cloud-based solution provides you with the best and most reliable way to optimize your uptime and avoid hiccups. Access your software, hosting and monitoring from one supplier with a single point of contact, streamlining your entire solution.

Retail Operations Picture
Access new customer through marketplaces Picture

Access new customer through marketplaces

Dynamicweb allows you to sell wherever your customers are - with easy and secure connectors to a wide range of relevant marketplaces for the retail industry. If you have already decided to expand your sales channels and considered marketplaces as part of your strategy, visit the Dynamicweb Marketplace

For instance, Dynamicweb integrates with Channable that allows your PIM and eCommerce environment to connect to over 2.500 marketplaces.  

Built-in Click & Collect

According to GlobalData, the Click and Collect market is forecast to increase 55.6% over the next five years and account for 13.6% of online sales in 2022. Therefore, Click and Collect is an essential part of any omnichannel retailing strategy. 

Retailers from one to hundreds of stores can benefit from offering a Click and Collect option. It is truly amazing what a stock control system and order management can do for your omnichannel customer experience. 

The combined solution between LS Retail and Dynamicweb makes it easy for your customers to buy an item online and collect it in-store.


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More than eCommerce. More than a POS. 

7 keys to create the best shopping experience possible

How well are brands integrating their digital touchpoints with the offline, in-store experience?  

LS Retail and Dynamicweb empower retailers with true unified solutions capable of uniting offline operations and eCommerce.

Get the 7 keys to create online shopping experiences that amaze your customers and exceed their demands. 



"The retail industry is facing massive digitalization. Shifting to a comprehensive omnichannel strategy, selling virtually, employing digital to the brick and mortar stores, offering flexible payment options, and adopting alternative business models will future-proof their businesses while allowing them to thrive in the changing retail world.

Undergoing digital transformation need not be scary or overwhelming. With Dynamicweb, retailers get a reliable, scalable cloud-based digital experience platform for their entire business that is easy to integrate, deploy and administer."

Richard Lee 
Product Evangelist, Dynamicweb US

​Ready to explore Dynamicweb a bit deeper? 

Talk to an expert 

If you are left with unanswered questions or are curious to get a bit deeper in conversation, we would love to hear from you and help you with your next eCommerce project. Reach out to start a conversation. 

Take your retail website to next level

As a retailer, your website must persuade your visitors with your products, as well as why they should choose you over your competitors. At Dynamicweb, we offer an industry-recognized eCommerce suite built for the retail industry that accomplishes both of these goals. 

If your current website has room for improvement, we are more than happy to assist you! Our team is ready - contact us today to see how yourr business can create a site that can reach potential customers and turn them into returning customers. 

Dynamicweb's reliable platform empowers you to provide a better commerce experience that also lets you cut down on inefficient administrative tasks. You'll get benefits such as:

  • Accurate & rich product data
    Show real-time product data from your ERP – no matter the number of spare parts you sell.
  • Stabile scalability
    All components to improve internal workflows to easily and rapidly to scale your business.
  • Customer empowerment
    Offer customer portals with self-service options that show specific pricings, invoice management and delivery tracking among others.

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LS Retail and Dynamicweb empower retailers with true unified solutions capable of uniting offline operations and eCommerce. 

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