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The Power Couple of PIM & eCommerce

Learn from practitioners and leading Forrester analysts the power of PIM combined with eCommerce.



Omnichannel experiences and customer expectations have changed the ways brands, retailers and manufacturers engage with customers – and recent years have drastically impacted this.

High performing organizations have accelerated their digital transformation and leverage eCommerce and Product Information Management (PIM) technology to adapt to changing market realities.

Self-service and applying available customer data from all sources to enable frictionless unified commerce experiences is what drives modern day organizations.

Hear from Forrester senior analysts Joe Cicman and Amanda LeClair how Product Information Management and eCommerce complete and enrich each other. Have product data drive product experience resulting in better commerce experiences with increased bottom-line results.  

Learn from Rene de Vries, CEO and co-founder & Katja Schaake, Online Marketing & PIM project manager of Company Fits on how they empower their customers in offering great employee experience while ordering their occupational clothing / workwear.  

Company Fits offers their customers a customer specific storefront that connects with the Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite, including a PIM. This resulted in over 60, and counting, store in stores all managed from one platform. Employees can create an avatar and see how items will look on them and when done order with credits or points. Company Fits continues to innovate and is currently working on an OCI (open catalog interface) integration to further drive efficiency for their customers. 

Key takeaways from this webinar: 

  • Hear from leading Forrester analysts on how they perceive the current and future market 
  • How PIM & eCommerce strengthen each other and scale bottom-line result 
  • How personalized storefronts are a differentiator in B2B manufacturing markets 
  • How PIM is used in combination with the ‘FitView’ app that enables a better shopping experience and reduced returns and throw away stock
  • Direct take-aways when starting your next eCommerce project 

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Guest Speakers

Amanda LeClair, Senior Analyst Product Information Management at Forrester 

Amanda is an analyst serving the needs of application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals. In this role, she helps clients understand the changing enterprise application services market and navigate the new engagement models of leading technology services firms. In her coverage, she explores business applications ecosystems, digital business transformation trends, and technology services spending patterns. She also covers product information management (PIM) practices and tools, linking product data to customer experience and top-level business priorities.  

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Joe Cicman, Senior Analyst B2B eCommerce Suites at Forrester 

Joe helps eBusiness Professionals assess, improve, and optimize B2B and B2B2C eCommerce technologies and strategies. As part of the digital transformation team, Joe provides a proven practitioner’s lens for organizations to understand how to deploy the economics of digital commerce that unleash best-in-class outcomes. His research also supports technical teams by covering the tools and software suites for driving online channels, digitally-enabled selling, and new Direct to Consumer (D2C) initiatives. 


René de Vries, CEO and Founder at Company Fits 

René is the founder and CEO of Company Fits. We have been making the difference in the field of corporate clothing for many years. How? By combining good fashion and corporate clothing, listening carefully to the wishes of the customer, delivering excellent quality and working passionately on unique designs. Besides the corporate clothing, Company Fits also develops webshops that are specially tailored for our customers. 


Katja Schaake, Online Marketing & PIM project manager at Company Fits

As part of her role Katja is responsible for building the B2B webshops for the customers. These webshops don’t only match their brand but also offers the customers an opportunity to easily order their corporate wear themselves whenever they want. Katja sets up every webshop at the backend and makes changes to the webshops to create a good customer experience. Because the customers get their own webshop, they will only see their products and information that  is useful for them.

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