Dynamicweb Swift 1.5 | Feb. 9th at 2:00 PM CET 

Dynamicweb Swift release

Get the full presentation and technical introduction to Dynamicweb Swift 1.5's new functionalities and improvements. Dynamicweb Swift is our ready-to-launch eCommerce storefront that is built on top of the Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite and houses numerous best practices in web content management and eCommerce strategies.


Swift Product Manager, Jennifer Johansen, invites you to a walkthrough of new functionalities and improvements in Swift 1.5. This webinar is a hands-on, technical partner & developer webinar, where you will be introduced to everything you need to know to setup, configure and work with a Swift solution. 

During this session, you get an introduction to the fundamental B2B features to Swift, such as a quick way to add products to cart and an integrated customer center able to show orders, invoices, and credit notes from an ERP system.

The main headlines for this service release are: 

  • B2B - Express buy & better product overview 
  • Enriched Product list & Detail
  • Improves support for content marketing  
  • General improvements and Maintenance 

Webinar date: February 9th at 2:00 PM CET



Jennifer Johansen
Product Manager, Swift
Dynamicweb Software

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