Dynamicweb Academy

The can't miss developer workshop in Spring 2022


Academy 2022 

Dynamicweb is growing fast and we need the right developers to join our huge developer community!
The Dynamicweb Academy delivers the can’t-miss Developer Workshop 2022 on May 18th-19th.

🎟  Two days program
May 18th-19th: € 672 / DKK 5.000

Sign up for the program now and get the opportunity to attend engaging talks, deep-dive training, social activities, while improving your Dynamicweb skills. 

Join the Academy to:

✓ Get to know the most important Dynamicweb developer topics 

✓ Learn from Dynamicweb experts

✓ Collaborate with professionals, get practical advice, and share ideas

✓ Get free access to all partner certification tests to obtain a new status and improve visibility

✓ Get your Dynamicweb certification

✓ Be a part of the fast-growing Dynamicweb developer community


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Is there anything we need to know? Like invoicing, allergies, etc.


Accommodation, hotel and basically everything is included in the program.

By signing up for the course, we will book a nice room at the venue! Serve you breakfast, lunch each day and a delicious dinner on the first day of each course section. 

Fuglsøcenteret, Dragsmurvej 6, 8420 Knebel, Denmark. 


The program

18th May

Integration and Backend Customization

  • Backend Development Setup
  • Dynamicweb API
  • Extensibility API
  • Notification subscribers
  • Providers
  • Configurable Add-ins 
  • Data Access


19th May

Finishing a Solution for Developers

  • Architectural considerations
  • Integration Framework
  • Integration Framework & Turnkeys 
  • Batch/Live
  • Endpoint Management
  • Data integration module
  • Integration extensibility
  • Odata

Dynamicweb – more than ecommerce!

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