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Solution type

B2B / B2C ecommerce portal with Dynamics AX intgeration, 7,000 SKU’s and 7,000 users.

Beijer Ref

Increased sales with 4 new Ecommerce solutions under Beijer Ref.


New ecommerce solution with AX and PIM, 17.000 SKUs in webshop, 40.000 SKUs in total

Carmat B.V.

B2B ecommerce platform with Dynamics AX increases efficiency and sales.

Chrisco Golf

All-in-one solution to reduce manual workflows and streamline orderflow.

Chrisco Sport

All-in-one solution to reduce manual workflows and streamline order flow.

Danske Advokater

Self-service legal training booking for both B2C and B2B


Easy access to spare parts from the leading supplier of HVAC solution from global leader Dantherm Group.


B2B site with courses, hardware and software products available as rent, purchase or subscription.

El Salg

B2C OMNI-Channel ecommerce with Dynamics AX integration and instore tablets.


An AX integrated Dynamicweb All-in-One solutions enables consistency and scalability


B2C ecommerce with integration to Dynamics AX and Solr Search Server.


B2C ecommerce with Dynamics AX and 9 brand sites connected to single cart.

Ferno Norden

B2B customer portal with PIM to streamline orderflow.

HC Cargo

Ecommerce with 25,000 users and 30,000 unique products in 5 languages.


The All-in-One Platform unites CMS with ecommerce and empowers HD2412 to create a content-based webshop and knowledge universe.


Increase in loyalty among car dealers due to a new efficient purchasing system


B2B portal with Dynamics AX, 4.000 unique products and 300 retailers in 18 countries.


B2B ecommerce with AX and product configuration for 35 subsidiaries in 31 countries.


B2C omni-channel ecommerce solution for improved purchasing experiences.


B2B ecommerce with AX for supporting customers, sales teams and support staff.

Merrild Lavazza

B2B ecommerce with PIM and Microsoft XAL for handling product information.

Millarco International A/S

Website, B2B portal and Outletshop with AX and Dynamicweb PIM, 3.000 products and 1525 retailers in 16 countries


B2B portal with AX integration, 7,000 products and 2,500 final customers in one platform.

Subaru Norge

B2B customer portal with customer specific prices & 24/7 self service.

Svendsen Sport A/S

Content and fan site for Svendsen Sport users across the globe, featuring their product catalogue, tips & tricks, fishing competitions and much more.

The Lorenz Corporation

CMS, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing with AX integration framework


B2B ecommerce and self-service portal for supporting dealers and customers.


B2B customer portal with PIM

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