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Solution type

Retail solution for visual purchasing experiences and intuitive sales flows.


B2C ecommerce for the largest sex toy shop in the Nordic countries.

BHG Department Stores Singapore

BHG Department Stores Singapore


B2C ecommerce with integration to Dynamics AX and Solr Search Server.


The All-in-One Platform unites CMS with ecommerce and empowers HD2412 to create a content-based webshop and knowledge universe.


Increase in loyalty among car dealers due to a new efficient purchasing system

Illums Bolighus

A supercharged B2C retailer with thousands of products and endless traffic capacity

Kjær & Sommerfeldt

B2C ecommerce with NAV and PIM for for increasing sales and improving customer loyalty.

kubbabudin.is LEGOSTORE

B2C webshop implementation with a concurrent LS Retail implementation. Using LS Omni and DW LS Retail Integration. 600 products and 32 themes from LEGO.

Louis Poulsen

B2C ecommerce with ROI in less than 4 months double online sales.


B2C omni-channel ecommerce solution for improved purchasing experiences.

Mireille NV

Modernizing the Web- and E-commerce platform for one of Belgium’s largest Apparel & Textile Product companies.


Møblér continuously aims to improve their website and webshop in order to be ahead of competitors.

New Feet

New website with PIM and integration to support retailers with self-service portals.


Ongediertewinkel makes the switch from Magneto-1 to Dynamicweb and transforms its e-commerce capabilities in just 2 months.


45% more turnover by replatforming from Magento 1 to Dynamicweb

Outfit International A/S

One platform. Two brands. 11 ecommerce sites. Improving the brand experience.

Peppes Pizza

CMS solution to create awareness and inspire customers.

Philipson Wine

Focusing on the user experience raised the conversion rate by 75%


B2C ecommerce with Dynamics NAV for improving both online and physical sales.


Reaching up to 40,000 visitors per month while generating a 14% increase in turnover.


B2C ecommerce with C5 ERP integration, MobilePay, and 3-click product finder.

RIGID Kollmann

RIDGID Kollmann’s successful online store – powered by Dynamicweb – provides the perfect blueprint for easy roll-outs across KOKS Group brands.


S4S operates three ecommerce shops under one instance of Dynamicweb with live prices and stock checks to NAV.


International B2C ecommerce solution increase revenue by 400% and conversions by 90%.

Target United

All-in-one with PIM for easy management of variants, and good filtration.


A modern online extension for the activities on the soccer field.

Viking Outdoor Footwear AS

B2C ecommerce solution for selling outdoor footwear to the global market.


Online community portal for interacting with 70,000+ members.


B2C ecommerce and marketing portal with Microsoft C5 ERP integration.

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