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55° Nord

Full integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV


New websites for easier navigation.

Aalesund Protective Wear

Rebranding the whole digital presence, with new PIM, CMS and ecommerce.


B2B and B2C ecommerce with NAV, 16,000 products and 22,000 customers.

Apollo Vredenstein

B2B ecommerce and self-service for supporting international dealers.

Beijer Ref

Increased sales with 4 new Ecommerce solutions under Beijer Ref.

Byosis Group

Corporate Rapido site with extensive marketing options.

Carmat B.V.

B2B ecommerce platform with Dynamics AX increases efficiency and sales.


B2B customer portal with PIM and integration to Visma Global & the EFO-database.

Chrisco Golf

All-in-one solution to reduce manual workflows and streamline orderflow.

Chrisco Sport

All-in-one solution to reduce manual workflows and streamline order flow.


3 B2B distribution companies, 3 website integrations, 1 Dynamics NAV.


B2B wholesale solution with self-service to increase orders and customer loyalty.


A future-proof digital platform

DCC Energi

B2C ecommerce with Nordcap ERP for products, customer details, orders and pricing.


Four new websites in only four months.


An AX integrated Dynamicweb All-in-One solutions enables consistency and scalability

Elkotek Sikkerhet A/S

High ambitions for a new digital strategy and commerce platform


All-in-one solution to gather 3 companies on 1 platform, with new tools to reduce workflows.

Elma Instruments

B2B ecommerce with Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and Visma integration.

Frederikshavn Forsyning

Information portal with integration to KMD for invoices and meter reading.

Gylling Teknikk

All-in-one solution with PIM to prepare for the digital business.

Hotel Continental

New and modern websites to match the hotels modern design.


B2B ecommerce with complex price differentiation and customer purchase solutions.

JMP Equipment Company

eCommerce for B2B equipment integrated with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, Customer Engagement and Field Service.

Juul's Vin & Spiritus

Fully integrated B2B/B2C webshop with PIM and Dynamics NAV in one solution.

Kraemer Maritime

B2B customer portal with PIM to streamline processes in a traditional industry.


B2B portal with Dynamics AX, 4.000 unique products and 300 retailers in 18 countries.


Three different webshops, two separate PIM warehouses and three languages – all within the same web solution.

Magnusson and Freij

B2B and B2C ecommerce solution with Jeeves ERP integration.


A responsive and multilingual platform, where content can be managed easily.


B2B eCommerce with NAV

Merrild Lavazza

B2B ecommerce with PIM and Microsoft XAL for handling product information.


Configuration of products with integration to Dynamics NAV

Millarco International A/S

Website, B2B portal and Outletshop with AX and Dynamicweb PIM, 3.000 products and 1525 retailers in 16 countries

Neuenschwander AG

B2B Webshop to support brand and corporate identity


B2B ecommerce portal for simplifying complex selling supporting dealers.


B2B ecommerce solution with product configuration and Perfion PIM.


B2C ecommerce and PIM solution for optimizing sales processes.

Polar Seafood

CMS and marketing portal with 10 sites, full content flexibility and easy editing.


B2B portal with AX integration, 7,000 products and 2,500 final customers in one platform.

SÆTHER Professional

New B2B eCommerce is a strong foundation for the digital transformation from zero to the webshop.


B2B ecommerce with Dynamics NAV, Oracle Fusion, and IBX business systems.

Sorensen Leather

A digitalized ordering process to reduce errors, release resources and improve customer experience.


Spalding manages input for product improvements with Perfion PIM and Dynamicweb


Brand new e-commerce and PIM system to simplify work processes and streamline workflow.

Subaru Norge

B2B customer portal with customer specific prices & 24/7 self service.

Svendsen Sport A/S

Content and fan site for Svendsen Sport users across the globe, featuring their product catalogue, tips & tricks, fishing competitions and much more.

The Lorenz Corporation

CMS, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing with AX integration framework


All-in-one with PIM for easy navigation and filtration among 1.000 variants.

TricorBraun Flex

B2B/B2C ecommerce with NAV


B2B marketing portal double website leads and improve SEO rankings.

UCO - Utleiecompagniet

All-in-one solution with B2B rental portal and PIM.

Uno-X Lubrication

B2B ecommerce with lab analysis, mobile scan search and Visma integration.


Replacing the old Navision-based customer portal with a responsive and user-friendly Sales/trading platform.

Varo Energy

Multi-language, E-commerce, Content Management and E-mailing facilities.


Daughter company of Danish Agro with a new, digital platform.


B2C ecommerce increase sales though enhanced customer experience.

XL Bygg Eidsvoll

New ecommerce showing all products and prices online.

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