Unique self-service portal with secure login via NemID


In connection with the launch of Uno-X's new gas station concept, a website was needed to match their new identity. This should comply with the new concept both visually and in relation to the user experience, putting emphasis on speed, simplicity and safety.

Therefore, a new self-service portal was needed to ensure that customers, no matter where and when they wished, could access information about their consumption, block their Uno-X cards, download invoices, etc.

In addition to the self-service portal, Uno-X needed a login system that could verify their users, which is why NemID was chosen. Login via NemID makes it difficult to hack the system and at the same time allows UnoX to check whether users are creditworthy before issuing a Uno-X card. In addition, there was a need for a system where the user could avoid having to remember another username and login.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The solution is built on Dynamicweb with Danish as a master site and English as a subpage.

- The users can view their various cards, order new cards, view invoices online or download them as Excel sheets and more. All in a clear and simple design.
- The solution includes a B2C solution, the internal website, as well as their new brand, Bonus, which has its own visual expression
- Integration for ERP system, card system and NemID. This makes it easy for the customer service staff to quickly help the customer by e.g. complaints reports and the like, which are registered via the website


There was a lot of emphasis on design and UX in the solution, which is clearly seen in the user profile, where the user is visually presented to eg. the consumption of gasoline for the current and last month. On top of this the work also resulted in a lot of innovative and useful solutions such as:

- A secure login system ensuring that no false user profiles were created when verifying the individual user
-Login via NemID which made it difficult to hack the system and at the same time allowed Uno-X to check the user's credit rating before issuing a Uno-X card
- No need for the user to create and remember another username and login

The visual identity also has been at the forefront and fully matches the more sharp and clean expressions of the new stations. This gives the user a more complete and stream-like user experience.
B2C, B2B, Manufacturing

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