Tore Vagle

Tore Vagle started a small "business for machines and tools" on September 5, 1955. With a small shop in the middle of Sandnes, this was the start of what is now over 60 years of industrial history in Sandnes.


Tore Vagle is a company with many different products and varieties, which are sold through other stores. With such a large network, so many customers, and so many products, they had a challenge in handling all product data, as well as making easy navigation for their customers.

Finally, Tore Vagle wanted a solution that included newsletters, so that they could keep their customers engaged and updated on products, variants, and other exciting news that happened at the company.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Dynamicweb has built the new solution for Tore Vagle, the all-in-one platform. With a built-in marketing module for better, faster and easier customer contact, Tore Vagle now has a good tool for communicating and engaging its customers. The built-in PIM system also means that Tore Vagle now has full control over its product data, and can streamline the process of product enrichment. With live integration to the company's ERP system, customers can also get customer-specific prices and live stock status, as well as view older invoices and reorder previous orders.


Tore Vagle's new solution has made it easier to work with their websites, and it is now easy and fast to update both prices and product data. The fact that they now always deliver the right prices, stock status and sufficient product data has also increased both customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Tore Vagle
Tore Vagle
B2B, CMS, Marketing, PIM, Wholesale

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