Sunwind Gylling

Sunwind Gylling is a supplier of products for every leisure activity. The company was established in 1993, and is part of the Gylling group. When you buy an item branded Sunwind, you can be sure that the product has undergone strict quality controls


Sunwind Gylling had a challenge with maintaining product data for all its products, and often felt that it was not sufficient for customers' needs. In addition, they spent a lot of time finding customer-specific prices and discounts. This led to stomach inquiries from customers who were wondering about specific product features, prices and other product information.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Our Premium Solution Partner, Mennt, has created a completely new solution for Sunwind Gylling. Built on Dynamicweb's all-in-one platform with live integration to their ERP system, Business Central. The solution also has a built-in PIM system which means that Sunwind Gylling now has full control and a good overview of all product data.

In the new B2B solution, customers can easily log in and find customer-specific prices and assortments, see live stock status, get good product information, as well as see old invoices and reorder regular orders.


With a new solution, Sunwind Gylling now has full control over all product information, and they no longer have to use excel sheets and old systems. With the new PIM system, they always have accurate and up-to-date product data, live integrated into their B2B customer portal.

The new customer portal also makes it possible for customers to self-service, which has strengthenedSunwind Gylling's customer relations.
Sunwind Gylling
Sunwind Gylling
B2B, CMS, Wholesale, Business Central

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