Subaru Norge

Subaru Norge AS is an import company with Subaru as its sole agency, and also has ownership interests in several dealer companies. Subaru Norge AS has 30 employees who look after the interests of customers and dealers and conduct extensive training activities for the dealer network on both the sales and aftermarket side.


Subaru Norway cooperates with dealers and brand workshops in several places in our elongated country, and this has made it challenging to get goods and car parts at the right time. In addition, it was difficult for dealers, branded workshops and other workshops to order from the main warehouse, because they had old and slow websites that showed neither products nor prices.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Dynamicweb has built the solution on our All-in-One platform, so that the various partners now have individual profiles and logins so that they can see customer-specific prices and products. In addition, they can log in to retrieve the latest invoice or order, and also reorder the same order with just one click. This means that the efficiency around the order has now smoked considerably. All garages can also order on several order numbers at the same time, so that they have a clear and orderly categorization of different cars. The new solution will also calculate specific shipping costs based on the distance from the warehouse to the workshop.


The new solution has helped both parties increase the efficiency around orders. This is no longer a heavy and lengthy process, and incorrect orders for the wrong order number are less often made. In addition, correct calculations are made on shipping and other prices that are individual for each workshop.
Subaru Norge
Subaru Norge
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