5 days implementation for a Business Central connected B2B ecommerce solution

A digitalized ordering process to reduce errors, release resources and improve customer experience.


Sørensen Leather is a typical B2B company that takes customer orders by phone, mail and fax. In addition, their sales reps visiting customers would also take orders and sent them to the headquarters via the same channels.

As Sørensen Leather works with a natural product, the order process is complex as no product is the same. Therefore the sales process is more complex as it takes this complexity into account and invoicing is done based on product and size. So not your standard add-to-basket process.

Therefore, Sørensen Leather saw that their current sales process could be more efficient while still being able to handle their complex ordering process. In addition, with their existing Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP in place it was a prerequisite to integrate tightly as all customer-specific price agreements and stock are stored there which is used to offer a positive commerce experience.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Sørensen Leather had identified a lot of potential in digitalizing its order taking. First and foremost, a digitalized ordering process could free resources and save time internally and at the customers, but at the same time also reduce errors and misunderstandings regarding orders.

After analyzing the complex ordering process, Sørensen Leather decided to take orders without displaying the exact size of the leather piece and therefore final price. Instead, the process was changed, so when the specific leather is picked at the inventory the customers are informed of the actual size and price when receiving the order confirmation.

This simple change also allowed Sørensen Leather to fit into Dynamicweb’s turnkey B2B ecommerce template for Business Central, which was implemented in only 5 days.

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Day 1. Q&A and Setup
We started with a Q&A to get an understanding of Sørensen Leather’s business. Following, Dynamicweb Cloud was set up and integrated with Business Central.

Day 2. Configure Design
The design of the B2B ecommerce solution based on Sørensen Leather’s style and brand identity was set up.

Day 3. Adjust Design
The branded B2B ecommerce solution was presented to Sørensen Leather and finalized throughout the day.

Day 4. Training
To scale ecommerce success, we completed a training day focusing on how to enrich products with images and texts, and how to add additional products. Sørensen Leather was also introduced to building webpages and email marketing.

Day 5. Go-live
On the final day, it was all about how Sørensen Leather operates its new solution and how to handle orders and customers. And a plan was created to onboard Sørensen Leather’s customers into the solution.


This turnkey solution is fully integrated with Business Central, which has simplified the ordering process for both for customers and sales reps. This results in fewer errors and saves a lot of resources.

Sørensen Leather’s new B2B ecommerce solution meets the expectations of their customers in terms of having a visual appeal that resonates with their worldwide reputation of delivering high standards, strict quality control and reliability. But most important of all, the website now lives up to Sørensen Leather’s brand value of providing only the best of the best with an impressive online display of their luxurious leather assortment.

About the customer
Sørensen Leather is an eco-conscious, global brand with some of the most high-end, sought-after sustainable leather in the world. The company is the exclusive source of leather for iconic designs found in museums, galleries and private collections around the globe. Armed with over 45 years of expertise, our passion is to encourage people to explore the creative possibilities of leather beyond the typical or traditional Sørensen Leather has turned into a global company operating in 40 countries.
Louise Vesterskov Sørensen, CEO & partner
"They [Dynamicweb] quickly got a good understanding of our business and processes, and were able to come up with a solution really fast. It was implemented in just 5 days, however, we needed a bit more time before we were ready to go online. The Dynamicweb team has been really responsive and engaged throughout the whole process. "
- Louise Vesterskov Sørensen, CEO & partner
Sorensen Leather
Sorensen Leather
B2B, Distribution, Business Central

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