Corporate website with the focus on visual aspect

Sonic Equipment develops and produces high-quality hand tools, storage systems and special tools. The products enable professionals to achieve maximum productive output because they work with high-quality tools at premium workplaces. Sonic stands for efficiency, quality and style.


With the arrival of the new MSS + product line, Sonic Equipment has set itself the goal of reinventing the workplace. Sonic promises with MSS + to create the best modular storage systems available on the market.

Through intensive collaboration, a corporate website has been developed with Sonic Equipment that fully matches the look and feel of MSS +.

Dynamicweb as a solution

An important aspect in the development of the new website for MSS + is the visual aspect. The visuals attract the attention of visitors through a well-arranged and spatial design. In addition, various call to actions are included that provide for contact requests, call agreements and quotation requests. The main goal of this website is branding and promoting the awareness and reputation phase.

Every visitor is seduced by beautiful product images and atmospheric images. In addition, giving room to call to actions, contact with Sonic Equipment was made quickly.

With in phase 2 an integration with the new webshop from Sonic Equipment that will be built with the e-commerce module from Dynamicweb and powered by a Product Information Management system Perfion.


In phase 2 of the project the product information of MSS + will be placed via a link with Perfion in Dynamicweb. By using a Product Information Management system such as Perfion, the management of products in different languages and versions remains manageable. By using the e-commerce suite of Dynamicweb, extensive product information can be displayed and an effective flow can be created for visitors. In addition, this also gives the possibility to analyze visitor behavior within Dynamicweb.
Sonic Equipment
Sonic Equipment
Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom
B2B, Manufacturing
Bluedesk E-Business B.V.

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