S4S operates three ecommerce shops under one instance of Dynamicweb with live prices and stock checks to NAV.


S4S has 15 physical stores around the capital area of Iceland, and 3 ecommerce shops running on a single instance of Dynamicweb. Ecommerce now gives Icelanders, as well as others, access to a wide range of outdoor equipment & accessories, Nike products and various products related to outdoor activities, regardless of residence, all year around.

The ecommerce shops www.skor.is, www.air.is and www.ellingsen.is are some of the largest online stores in Iceland, where you can shop for the whole family at your convenience.

The goal was to offer a diverse product range in a simple and user friendly online business environment. S4S started with their online business in the year 2012 and updated it´s systems in 2017, moving it’s ecommerce solution to Dynamicweb with an added focus on marketing solutions.

Their customers, regardless of location, should be able to save time and effort by shopping online. The products you buy over the internet can be shipped to your door, with the assurance that the goods are delivered safely and quickly. Customers have a return option within 14 days where they can get full refunds or exchange for any other products by going to their physical stores.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The webshops are designed to be user friendly when navigating through the product lists. Customers have a vast range of filters available to help them find their desired products, such as color and size, variants, brand, fabric and gender specific.

Their customers are presented with various upsell lists when navigating through the webshops, and the products are linkable between the three shops for cross-sell.

The product details view gives the customer a list of stores where each variant of the product is available, should he need to go there in person for further assitance. Products, prices and stocks are synced daily from NAV and prices and stock values are kept up to date via live requests during page requests. The integration is based on Dynamicweb‘s integration framework v1, modified by Advania to meet our customer’s requirements.

During checkout, registered and signed in customers can store their payment information to make future purchases more seemless and quick. These customers can also add products from any of the three webshops to wishlists and receive targeted marketing emails from S4S.


S4S has now been running their ecommerce shops successfully for 8 years with a importand update when updating their websystem in to All in one Dynamicweb. They regularly re-evaluate the web design and work processes to better service their customers. Their focus lately has been on registered and logged in users, in order to give them a more personalized shopping experience.
B2C, Retail, Dynamics NAV

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