Rodin & Co

Rodin & Co is a significant player in the Norwegian market within car equipment, workshop equipment and service. The company was established by Karl Oskar Rodin in 1932, and is today owned by the brothers Erik and Jørgen Rodin.


Rodin & Co has had challenges in ensuring good quality and consistent product information in its various channels. With over 50,000 products and many subgroups, a PIM system has been desired for centralization of everything related to product information, both for digital channels, but also for the production of catalogs.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Dynamicweb partner Zington was put on the project, and it soon became clear that what Rodin & Co needed was a PIM system. Then Dynamicweb PIM was chosen as the solution. With already some product data in their ERP system, Autodata, Dynamicweb PIM was a good choice because it can be integrated live into the ERP system. This means that the basic product information such as product name, dimensions, stock status, compatibility, order number, etc. only need and are stored in one place, and will therefore always be accurate, correct and up to date.


Rodin & Co's new PIM system now makes it much more efficient to work with enriching product information, and also ensures that all products are provided with basic product information. Mass editing and increased control over which products lack information make PIM the useful tool. They can also upload datasheets, drawings, information sheets, etc. in addition to the existing data contained in the ERP system.

The company now also has a single, central place for all its external sales people to retrieve information. This ensures higher efficiency, and less error information to the customer, as they always have a place with correct and up-to-date information.
Rodin & Co
Rodin & Co
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