Complex integration made simple, resulting in automated flow and reduced workload


The biggest challenge was the slow updating of property dossiers, etc. This was caused by an externally connected server, which first imported data before it was transferred to the RealMægler website.

Another challenge was RealMæglerne’s Guldkøber© concept, which is a fantastic database for both sellers and buyers. It is an active property search buyer directory that is constantly updated with properties for sale. However, the Guldkøber© concept, in its original form, was very static and failed to engage the users adequately. Commitment and sales were therefore limited.

The huge amount of data due to the many registered property buyers was also a challenge. This involved many different target groups with vastly different needs. Last but not least, the solutions needed to be secure, so that buyers were presented with homes that matched their needs and desires.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Notice, that SMARTPAGE has for many years implemented various Dynamicweb solutions for a lot of clients. Both simple and real complicated solutions with a lot of integrations. And some with a huge product catalogue – even up to 25,000 various product items.

In this specific case with RealMæglerne, we built both simple and complex modules into Dynamicweb to ensure integration.

Integration was one of the keywords in this project. Dynamicweb opened the opportunity to integrate into a sea of external providers. We integrated for C&B, Boligsiden and Mindworking. Read more under “Results”.


· Automated flow: From open house to visibility
· Integration for C&B: Manual work is greatly reduced as new listings become visible as soon as the information about the specific house is entered
· Integration for Mindworking: As soon as the photographer had uploaded pictures and videos of the listing in Mindworking, they became visible to the user at realmæ
· Easier to generate sales pitches, tender material, etc., as information and images are automatically retrieved
· Quick update of i.a. property dossiers with a positive impact on, among other things, the Guldkøber© concept
· Users stay longer on the website
· Increased ease of use – the user is presented to the agent representing the area in which housing is sought and not just a random agent
· The work processes of the individual agent have become simpler and clearer

The integration into Dynamicweb thus became a win-win for both clients and agents.

When RealMæglerne wanted their website to be optimized, they chose to drop an external full-service agency in favor of a specialist agency. And their choice fell on SMARTPAGE. Our competencies in usability, UX and technical know-how enabled us to optimize the entire digital user journey and increase customer competitiveness.

The Guldkøber© concept is no longer a static landing page but has become part of a site that both engages users and contributes to sales. And the agents have a website that makes their sales and marketing work much, much easier.
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