Plastmo delivers products for water management and the outdoor environment to Norwegian building materials retailers. Plastmo was founded in Denmark in 1958, and Plastmo in Norway was established in 1969.


Plastmo needed an upgrade of their digital presence, to reduce the manual working hours. Previously, orders had been handled manually, either by email, fax or telephone. It was therefore important to be able to have a digital platform where each retailer could log in and order. In addition, Plastmo wanted to provide information about its products directly to the consumer, and therefore wanted a CMS module for a sleek design, and easy handling of content.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The new solution for Plastmo is built on Dynamicweb's All-in-One platform, with a B2B customer portal and a CMS module. The customer portal is integrated directly with their ERP system, so that when a retailer is logged in, they can see customer-specific prices and discounts, live stock status, as well as the ability to reorder previous orders.

The CMS module from Dynamicweb makes it easier for Plastmo to communicate directly with the consumer, as they can easily and quickly update their pages with new information about the company or product. There is also a built-in "find your nearest dealer" function that allows the customer to find where they can most likely get products from Plastmo.


The new solution for Plastmo is modern and easy to handle. Plastmo currently saves large amounts of manual working hours by placing orders with the correct price, customer number and delivery address. This is now done automatically, which gives Plastmo more time to focus on delivering good quality products to its customers.
B2C, B2B, CMS, Wholesale

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