New webshop gains 500% growth

Outfit International supplies equipment and apparel to hunters and outdoor enthusiasts through their brands Härkila and Seeland, both leading brands in hunting and outdoor apparel in Europe.


Based on a new strategy, a solid foundation was laid for Outfit International's future development. This strategy was to create growth in the local markets in Europe, while seeking to strengthen the brand. An analysis was made on the basis of consumer behavior. Based on this, the course was set towards more efficient webshops.

Through a strong visual identity and a user-friendly digital design, the new webshops should build the necessary trust and credibility for the customers.

Before redesigning, it was difficult for Outfit International to optimize the individual customer experience. The desire to ensure uniformity, by creating a recognizable identity and optimizing the user experience was reinforced. For Outfit International, the challenge was to scale the growth of international markets, because different markets have different needs.

Dynamicweb as a solution

An updated e-commerce platform from Dynamicweb formed the framework for the location of the individual markets. The All-in-One platform was the optimal choice for a custom design with a CMS controlled platform. The solution made it easier to meet the requirements of combining a strong visual brand and an effective sales channel.


By creating credible experiences for new customers, the solution has resulted in great benefits for the consumer in the individual countries. The focus has been on optimizing the localization, so the elements are arranged according to what the local consumers expect from an online webshop. For example:

-Terms and Conditions
-Payment Methods
Outfit International A/S
Outfit International A/S
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