Ongediertewinkel makes the switch from Magneto-1 to Dynamicweb and transforms its e-commerce capabilities in just 2 months.

Challenge is the leading online destination for pest control in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria, offering a comprehensive range of products to help customers fight pest infestations at home. For many years, and had been running successfully on Magneto 1; but when platform support ended, in 2020, Ongediertewinkel needed an alternative solution that could grow and scale with the business.

With expert support from its digital partner, Bluedesk, Ongediertewinkel migrated from Magneto 1 to Dynamicweb within just two months and is now able to keep product information up-to-date and manage its SEO more effectively.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Why change?
As a growing, highly successful online brand, it had become increasingly clear that Ongediertewinkel needed a modern, fast and flexible commerce platform that could keep up with customer demands. When Magneto 1 reached its end of support (EOS) date, in June 2020, the company needed to quickly find an alternative platform to ensure that its online stores could remain secure and fully functional.

Why Dynamicweb?
Ongediertewinkel enlisted the help of trusted digital partner, Bluedesk, who immediately proposed a commerce as a service (CaaS) solution: an all-in-one platform that could provide a single point of contact for all its ecommerce requirements. As a leading cloud-based e-commerce suite, Dynamicweb was Bluedesk’s first choice for the new solution, enabling Ongediertewinkel to easily manage its multi-language deployments and integrate with complementary commerce tools, such as MultiSafepay and Billink.

Benefits of Dynamicweb
For Roy Rijkers, owner of Ongediertewinkel, the new solution is already bringing tangible business benefits, including significant time-savings in updating and maintaining product information. “We can achieve so much more with CaaS and all the seemingly small benefits make a big difference. For example, we can now add specifications to products, add elements to SEO pages ourselves and show three USPs per product. Capabilities like these have a direct impact on customer decision-making”.

Besides the Dutch market, Ongediertewinkel is also active in Belgium, Germany and Austria, with German customers being served via the domain. Dynamicweb’s global deployment capabilities mean that both the German and Dutch websites can be managed seamlessly, with fast and efficient multi-language updates.
The all-in-one platform, based on Dynamicweb, ensures that Ongediertewinkel’s solution is pre-equipped with commerce best practices and meets proven market standards. With the ability to quickly scale as the business grows, the flexibility to integrate with a wide range of new tools and the simplicity to manage all commerce processes from one system, Dynamicweb ensures that Ongediertewinkel can continue to service its customers effectively and meet changing customer needs.


The new and improved launched on 3rd March 2020. One month later, the company was already seeing significant results, including:
• 45% increase in revenue
• 54% in transactions
• Major time-savings in day-to-day tasks across marketing, technology, design and customers service teams.

For Rijkers, the project has been a huge success and ensures that the company is able to quickly respond to future challenges. “We now have more freedom to make adjustments to the website ourselves, which has given us a lot more flexibility and enabled us to keep our product information accurate at all times”, explains Rijkers. “We wanted something that stays up-to-date and Bluedesk and Dynamicweb has shown us what is possible with CaaS”.
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