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Nortec is specialized in services and solutions to support all aspects of the laundry business. High quality products, user-friendly interfaces, Danish design and high service levels.


Nortec wanted a solution to better match their products, known for performance, design and quality. That meant a fast, easy to use site, that provided all the information their customers needed.

A specific requirement was a better categorisation of products and a better search to help the customers find what they need. Upon finding the right product, the customer should be presented with all available product info and the option to download a product catalogue.

Dynamicweb as a solution

DynamicWeb Rapido was chosen for this task. Rapido provided a strong foundation, that we then built on top of, to deliver an even better user experience with very smooth transitions between pages.

A lot of attention was put into the design and user experience on the site. It now reflects the quality of the products and matches Nortecs show room in appearance. Interaction design is utilized to help users navigate the site and provide better feedback.

It is now possible to download brochures and data sheets for each product and the product pages are generally very rich on information. The filter has been built to support multi level filters, so customers can select for instance their line of industry -> Product type -> Capacity


Nortec has managed to create a uniform branding across web, communication channels, showrooms and other offline touch points.

Nortec expects to see a decline in time spent on handling customer requests for manuals and product information because of the self service options offered in the new solutions.
Dan Vium, Marketingchef, Nortec
"We wanted to create a simple and user-friendly website with specific selected design elements and animations as well as unique details that visitors may not even notice at first. The goal is to give our customers and users an experience that matches the products and solutions we provide and thus enhance our position as one of the market-leading suppliers of professional laundry solutions. We succeed and now we have the foundation for our online activities as a natural extension of our local visual identity. ""
- Dan Vium, Marketingchef, Nortec
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