Normark is a leading B2B distributor of fishing, hunting and outdoor gear. The company distributes some of the world's best known brands to retailers across Scandinavia.


The sales team at Normark processes and supplies all retailers with products determined according to season. To improve and simplify the process, Normark wanted to empower the retailers by enabling them to place their own specific and unique orders to supplement standardized deliveries.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Along with their Swedish partner, Softgear, Normark chose the Dynamicweb All-in-One platform to a customized B2B ecommerce solution with Dynamics NAV integration. This would allow to fully automate the ordering process, and to reduce the manual workload for both Normark and their many retailers. Finally, it enables both Normark, the retailers and the customers to benefit from high flexibility in the ordering process, which eventually minimizes the chances of sold out products, delivery delays and complexity.


The holistic B2B ecommerce solution has simplified the sales process for everyone involved, and has excluded the manual expenses related to previous ordering. The NAV integration automates the process, which enables Normark and Softgear to focus on maximizing the business value by offering simplified and effective B2B ordering. In the end, this means that the retailers can offer better customers service to improve physical sales.
Matts Baum, CEO, Normarks Scandinavia AB
"Our customers have a need to be able to supplement their basic orders of the season on short notice, and not always during normal office hours. They also need to see if the product is available for immediate delivery. Softgear has helped us to solve this by creating a state of the art B2B webshop on Dynamicweb. The web shop is more than just selling goods; it also saves our customers, and us phone calls about lost invoices or delivery delays because all of this is searchable on the web. "
- Matts Baum, CEO, Normarks Scandinavia AB
B2B, Distribution, Dynamics NAV

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