Møblér continuously aims to improve their website and webshop in order to be ahead of competitors.


Møblér continuously aims to improve their website and webshop in order to be ahead of competitors. They recently elected 1st Web new digital partner - a small team with heavy experience in integrations. In cooperation with 1st Web Møblér upgraded their Dynamicweb solution as the first step towards implementing PIM.

Dynamicweb as a solution

“We recently upgraded our Dynamicweb solution primarily because we expect to benefit from the many advantages in Dynamicweb PIM”, Igling Tanggard Manager in Møblér.

Dynamicweb PIM’s advantages
From the PIM-database in Dynamicweb Møbler can easily control product data such as product descriptions, images and prices. The user friendly interface ease the internal workflow at the head office, in their shops and at the retailers. The PIM solution offers the employees an overview of all products and an efficient maintenance of product information.

The customers benefit from the new upgrade too. The user experience has been improved both on the website and in the webshop. As an example the customers can filter on product groups, when they visit the webshop.


The advantages in Dynamicweb PIM will provide great satisfaction around the organisation. All product information will be easily accessible, which will ease the workflow at the Møblér head office as well as in the 35 local shops. Besides that Dynamicweb PIM makes it possible to improve the website and webshop to such a degree that Møblér surpass competitors.

As an example Møblér can have differentiated filtering parameters on product groups. This makes great sense for the Møblér customer since the sorting needed when buying a sofa differs from the sorting needed when buying a bed. Dynamicweb PIM contains great potential - the journey has just begun.
Iglin Tanggaard, kædechef hos Møblér
" "1st Web showed us a degree of dedication that really impressed us. This became the decisive factor in the process of finding a new digital partner. We instantly felt that we were in good hands, and we are full of expectancy for this collaboration." "
- Iglin Tanggaard, kædechef hos Møblér
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