Mireille NV

Modernizing the Web- and E-commerce platform for one of Belgium’s largest Apparel & Textile Product companies.


Mireille is a company more than 60 years old but remain in excellent shape. But to get the company ready for the next phase, with future migration of their ERP system and utilizing of modern business/IT tools, a modernization of the web- and e-commerce platform was needed. NORRIQ was up for the challenge and have built a brand-new platform with a modern technical architecture utilizing Dynamicweb, together with the NORRIQ tailored template- and integration engine, as the main building blocks in this platform.

One of the main challenges within the new platform, was to optimize the workflow of Mireille’s customer orders (and especially reordering) workwear in the right sizes for many individual employees across many physical locations. A tailormade solution was built within the customer portal of the solution, supplying the customer-administrator with an easy (re)ordering process with the lowest level of manual maintenance. All historical data was migrated from their ERP, for customers to continue reordering from their existing orders and avoid the laborious task of reestablishing order lists.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Dynamicweb’s option of adding any imaginable field to the e-commerce module has had a significant impact on our ability to support optimized processes for both users, order approval flows, customer specific assortments and products. Also, the expandability of data fields has made it possible for us to develop a performance algorithm which automatically optimizes customer specific assortments for their many customers, by merging all identical lists into one single list. That way, all redundant data is eliminated which has resulted in a greatly improved overall performance of the site.

When aiming for the customized utilization of the newest technology, a close collaboration with IT-professionals puts us in the lead and enables us to match customer expectations – even from those many customers who, driven by ambition, insists on playing part in shaping the future of e-commerce.


Mireille’s digital platform has been brought into the new decade, futureproofing the main sales channel of the company. Mireille’s customers now have state of the art digital tools to optimize their workflows and utilize employee data to administrate the ordering process of workwear through their Dynamicweb customer portal across many physical locations. These services help Mireille built valuable relationships with their customers, binding them to Mireille through mutual value creation.

Building upon the modern architecture of Dynamicweb, developers can accommodate even the most ambitious costumer requirements. Such ambitions challenge status quo and demands a close attention to the highly adapted and specialized business processes that give them an edge over their closest competition. Although most IT-projects must navigate some level of compromise between ambition and budget, the aim for viability and ROI is shared by all user/customer-based solutions. The first steps towards this aim are already taken with the foundational compatibility between Dynamicweb and modern technologies. Dynamicweb supplies a platform which, in the case of Mireille, has left the past where it belongs and opened a shortcut to a future in which the customized IT-landscape supports modern and effective business processes.
Mireille NV
Mireille NV
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