Configuration of products with integration to Dynamics NAV


Milestone is a leading provider of video management software and hardware for surveillance. Since 1998, they have supplied high quality business video platform software, but today also sell video surveillance hardware. Due to the constantly growing demands for monitoring and security, Milestone has a strong product development. The Danish company is headquartered in Denmark, but delivers to most of the world and has 750 employees and more than 150,000 installations worldwide.

Due to efficient product development an earlier IT solution made it possible for customers to create an order that technically could not be delivered. Thus, Milestone's efficient development of both hardware and video surveillance software enabled customers to continuously create new product compositions. These resulted in a product mix that in some instances placed unrealistic demands on Milestone's IT solutions. Therefore, a new integrated e-com solution was needed.

Milestone's previous site was a proprietary solution. Initially, the need and desire were to move the solution to a standard platform, thereby raising the technical capability of the site. As the process progressed, the need for a business boost also increased. Consequently, UX, design and user journey played equally pivotal roles as the technical aspects.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Dynamicweb has been fully utilized in the solution: · Milestone's data is 'live' and therefore constantly changing, so it was important that the user was always presented with the latest data in terms of pricing and configuration options. Therefore, when the user opens a flow in the user journey, Dynamicweb is directly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is further integrated into Salesforce and the internal licensing database. This means that the information and choices presented to the customer are always correct and up to date.
· Many standard components have been used, which has limited the amount of customizations
· Integration for Think Tecture, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Salesforce and internal licensing database
· The use of special code has been limited, thus making the solution flexible and easy to edit, extend and apply
· Integration for Think Tecture. Think Tecture is a single sign-on service that allows users to use the same login information across different platforms. This was necessary, as Milestone had many different sites and contact points, including an e-com site, website and site for license download
· The website is used by Milestone's distributors and in-house support staff, but the new solution makes it easy to expand to allow resellers to use the site as well. It is thus built for future expansions.
· Milestone's choice of Dynamicweb as an E-commerce platform can be seen as a blue stamp in terms of security, as especially security had top priority for Milestone.


The ordering process itself could be very complex. Therefore, the focus was on making the ordering process as easy, clear and fast as possible. The choice fell on flow navigation, rather than step-by-step and dropdown checkboxes, which Milestone previously used. This was due to the fact that the user was presented with only a few choices at a time during flow navigation and that these choices helped shape the further user journey. In this way, the user journey became individual and transparent. The design also allowed users to easily and quickly view and change previous choices.

The flow navigation got configured so that the user cannot make choices that are technically NOT possible. This was a significant challenge in the previous solution.

In addition, the flow navigation was chosen based on the idea that the user would acquire ad-ons and support as he/she moves through the flow.

To ensure the best possible solution, the site has been continuously tested by selected customers on an ongoing basis in the development process. Here it was confirmed that flow navigation made purchases far more transparent.

SMARTPAGE was responsible for both front-end and back-end design of the solution.
B2B, Distribution, Dynamics NAV

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