A responsive and multilingual platform, where content can be managed easily.


Mavom is a distributor of specialty chemicals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With our years of experience, technical expertise and customer focus, we advise our industrial customers on the right chemistry for their specific application. We offer products for better adhesion, smoother operation, longer life and good protection. Whatever chemistry you are looking for, you will find the answer with Mavom.

The creation of a good corporate website is the first priority, with some sorting ahead in order to eventually grow into an e-commerce platform where goods and services from the two business units of MAVOM can be marketed.

Starting at the beginning is the online credo for now, the first phase. A basis that concerns a good website, that is well equipped to conduct online marketing and that provides sales channels for sales. A phased implementation of the ambition is advisable. This way, putting down the updated online position remains clear and feasible.

There is currently no separate site for MAVOM Specialty Chemicals and MAVOM Chemical Solutions. Quite recently, both Business Units have acquired their own visual identity by distinguishing with a tagline and their own color. Specialty Chemicals is characterized by the color blue that has been introduced in the stationary and Solutions is executed with the color Red. At present, the customers for both Business Units are still landing on the same website and there is no clear definition online.

Dynamicweb as a solution

A responsive and multilingual platform, where the content can be managed easily and independently through the excellent Content Management System which is part of Dynamicweb.

- Excellent presentation of the MAVOM products, by using the e-commerce module that is part of Dynamicweb. (pre-sorting e-commerce in the next phase)
- Present both business units separately within
- Excellent marketing possibilities to serve customers as relevant as possible and to keep them close by using the marketing suite that is part of Dynamicweb.


A design that appeals and smoothly guides and serves the visitor through the site and makes it easy to get in touch with MAVOM BV online.

- A site that invites and seduces conversion and can therefore ensure that visitors can be encouraged to do business with MAVOM BV via online communication.
- A site that is ready to be expanded in the next step with e-commerce functions that directly contribute to the turnover and / or efficiency of MAVOM.
- A platform that can be linked to ERP, CRM and PIM in the next phase.
MAVOM Specialty Chemicals
MAVOM Specialty Chemicals
Netherlands, Belgium, Germany
B2B, Distribution, Dynamics NAV
Bluedesk E-Business B.V.

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