Kraemer Maritime

Kraemer Maritime was established in 1955, and is today a major player in supply and logistics for the offshore industry.


Kraemer Maritime operates in an industry where customers are often offshore, either on fishing fleets or other vessels, with poor internet access. In addition, their previous solution was not very user-friendly, with an outdated design and few integrations. This resulted in it being resource-intensive for the company to make changes to the online store.

In addition to low usability, this is also an industry where people are not used to ordering via the internet. In all years, orders have been made by e-mail, telephone or fax.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Our Premium Business Partner, Degree, has created the new solution for Kraemer Maritime. The solution is built on Dynamicweb's all-in-one platform, with a B2B customer portal and a built-in PIM system. This solution is much more user-friendly, both for Kraemer Maritime and for their customers. It is now easier to navigate through the products, and Kraemer now has full control and overview of all its products in its PIM system. With live integration to their Dynamics NAV, customers can also see customer-specific prices and live stock status of the various products.


The new solution has increased sales and customer satisfaction for Kraemer Maritime. The streamlined ordering flow has now made Kraemer Maritime's user experience frictionless, which has also increased the loyalty of their customers. With the new solution, Kraemer Maritime now appears as a modern and forward-looking supplier that makes it easier for its customers to order products.
Kraemer Maritime AS
Kraemer Maritime AS
B2B, PIM, Distribution, Dynamics NAV

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